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We give you the opportunity to earn money by recommending our website to others. You can start earning money now.

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Binary Income
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Package in USD

Package in USD Daily Links Daily Income Duration Total Income
$100 1 2 USD 300 Days $600
$200 2 4 USD 300 Days $1200
$500 5 10 USD 300 Days $3000
$1000 10 20 USD 300 Days $6000
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Pay Per Click Income

You will get music video links as per the package and on each view you will get 2 dollars daily. Music video links will be available for a total of 300 days.

Binary Income

1. It is compulsory to sponsor 1 direct paid member on right side and 1 direct paid member on left side to get BINARY INCOME.
2. 1:1 ratio will be applicable.
3. Capping will be same as JOINING PACKAGE.
4. Power leg will carry forward.

Leadership Bonus

Get 5% of the LINK INCOME earned by your 3 direct levels for 300 days.

Terms And Conditions

1) Music Video links will be available at 12 am London Specific Time.
2) Binary closing will be done at 12 am London Specific Time.
3) Links will be available on all working and nonworking days.
4) PAYMENT through USDT/CREDIT CARD/DEBIT CARD will be accepted.
5) WITHDRAWALS will be cleared in USDT.
6) USDT withdrawals will be cleared on the same day.
7) Bank withdrawals will be cleared as per BANKING WORKING DAYS and within 48 to 72 hours.
8) 20% deduction applicable on ALL WITHDRAWALS.
9) No deduction applicable on ID to ID fund transfer.
10) ID can be upgraded anytime but with full package and links as per new package will be available for 300 days.
11) ID can be upgraded with bigger package and not with same package or difference amount. ROI will be given only on single package.
12) After 300 days, ID cannot be retopup with lower package and should be retopup with same or greater package. .